Top 3 Boutique Makeup Companies 2018:

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STARE Cosmetics is our #1 boutique makeup and cosmetics line
  • No Harmful Chemicals – Safe, Quality Ingredients
  • Exclusive Lipstick, Concealer, & Makeup Line
  • Affordable Makeup Prices – See All Products

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User Rating: (3.75/5)

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United States

  • Many Products Contain Organic Ingredients
  • Few Harmful Chemicals
  • Excellent Customer Support

User Rating: (3.5/5)

Reviews For:

United States

  • Focused On Quality & Organic Cosmetics
  • Great Customer Service
  • Popular Lipstick & Concealers

How We Review Boutique Online Makeup & Cosmetics Companies:


Quality Of Ingredients

We selected boutique online makeup and cosmetics companies who demonstrated a commitment to sourcing organic makeup and cosmetics products wherever possible in their product lines. While it is not typically possible for cosmetics companies to produce 100% pure organic ingredients while maintaining the consistency and applicability expected by customers, our top cosmetics brands utilize a high degree of organic ingredients while keeping chemicals to an absolute minimum. See our top boutique cosmetics line, STARE Cosmetics, to shop our favorite boutique makeup products for affordable prices.

While we believe our recommended cosmetics brands will provide the most value for your money, they purely reflect our opinion and do not represent an official endorsement of their products or services. If you decide to shop, make a purchase, or reach out to one of the online cosmetics companies reviewed on this website, Cosmetics Reviewed © is not responsible for any loss of money, injury, or harm incurred as a result of products or services offered by those companies. Read our terms of use for more information.

Experience With a Range of Beauty Products and Tones

For small or medium sized (boutique!) makeup and cosmetics companies, it is critical for them to offer a wide range of beauty products that accommodate a full spectrum of beauty tones and skin tones. We selected our #1 boutique cosmetics company because they create products to beautify in every way, including organic lipsticks, the best concealers to buy, mascara and eyeliner, and many more makeup products!

We regularly audit search engine results and online review sites to monitor feedback from customers – if one of our top picks receives negative feedback, we take that into consideration for our reviews.

What Makes Them A “Boutique Organic” Cosmetics Line? Very Few Chemicals Used In Their Products!

In addition to utilizing as many organic-sourced materials as possible in their cosmetics products, it was critical for our top reviewed cosmetics companies to utilize a minimal amount of harmful chemicals in their products. Many “organic” makeup companies utilize a long list of non-organic ingredients that preserve and maintain the consistency of makeup. Our focus is not to select makeup companies that are completely free of these chemicals, but that use them to a more minimal degree than mass market makeup companies.

For Cosmetics Reviewed © the best cosmetics companies are boutique! They offer high-quality products at affordable prices, and are capable of delivering the best customer service since they are not huge companies meeting the needs of the masses. Look for the great quality, safe ingredients, as these were the most important factors determining our top picks! See our #1 pick, STARE Cosmetics ©